Do we become Angels in Heaven?

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Do we become Angels in Heaven? I’m sure that this is something that every Christian has heard before. This belief seems to be common among children although many Christian adults seem to think this as well. However, it is an incorrect belief that many Christians have. We do not become angels in Heaven.

This is found nowhere in the Bible. I assume the reason why some believe we become angels in Heaven is because of two things. First, Matthew 22:30 tells us that Jesus says that at the resurrection we will become like the angels. Secondly, most Christians tend to believe that Heaven is a spiritual realm where we will float around on the clouds with angel wings forever and ever.

There are some serious problems with each of these beliefs. First, Jesus was not saying that we will become literal angels. Notice that he says “at the resurrection.” He is referring to the time when humanity will be resurrected in physical bodies. It is also worth noting that Jesus was referring to marriage in Matthew 22:29-32. Since angels do not marry, we will not as well.

This leads us to the second reason why we do not become angels in Heaven. Although Scripture does point to the present Heaven as being a spiritual realm, it clearly teaches us that the eternal Heaven is a physical place. In fact, the Heaven where we will live forever after judgment day is this current earth and universe. Earth will be restored back to an Eden-like paradise. Notice that Jesus said “at the resurrection.” He was not referring to the present Heaven, but to the time after his return.

After the return of Christ, we will be resurrected in the bodies that we have now, but they will be transformed to be like Christ’s glorious body. We will have no more diseases and will be affected by the Curse no more. We will live in a world free from sin and death. We will live with Christ and each other forever.

So, do we become angels in Heaven? No, we do not. We become something far greater. This is what pastors need to be telling their congregations. This is what parents need to be teaching their children – that in heaven we do not become angels, we become like Christ and will live in a perfect world with him forever.

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