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Is Atheism a Religion?

A common belief among many atheists is that atheism is not a religion and has been proven to be true by science. There are a couple of reasons why they think this. First, it is commonly believed that a religion requires a belief in a supernatural being, uses rituals, and has an established set of beliefs that cannot be verified by science, thus a religion requires faith. Secondly, the theory of evolution is thought to prove that God is not needed, so God must not exist. Is this way of thinking correct? Is atheism scientific or is it a religious belief? Let’s take a look. Continue reading


Why Are Conservatives Losing the Culture War?

Brannon Howse, founder of Worldview Weekend, opens his book, Grave Influence, with the following words:

“We’ve lost the culture war. I wish I could tell you otherwise and go happily along with the many Christians who still think we can recapture America, return to our moral and spiritual roots, and revitalize our wayward institutions. But I can’t, and someone needs to tell you – loudly and clearly. My job is not to be optimistic or pessimistic but to be realistic.” Continue reading


Heaven and Evolution

Many may be scratching their heads because I am using heaven and evolution in the same title. What you will learn today is that heaven is one of the best reasons why a Christian should not accept the theory of evolution. In past articles, I have shown that Jesus was a young-earth creationist and that evolution contradicts the character and nature of God. In this article, I will lay out why heaven also contradicts evolution. Continue reading

Evolution and the Nature of God – Part 2 of 2

In part 1 of this series, I argued that the theory of evolution contradicts the very nature of the God of the Bible. If evolution is true, then God cannot exist in the way that the Scriptures teach. Even so, there are some Christian evolutionists who believe that young-earth creationism is a stumbling block to scientists. They believe that a young-earth is very offensive to scientists and that God wants this stumbling block removed. Continue reading

Evolution and the Nature of God – Part 1

I previously wrote that Jesus Christ was a young-earth creationist. Sadly, regardless of what Jesus taught about the age of the earth, many Christians are absolutely keen on teaching that God used evolution. Evolution is so popular that one paleontologist even said that evolution was the fruit of “God’s love.”[1] Continue reading


Jesus and Creationism – Part 2

In part 1 of this two part study, I showed that Jesus clearly believed that Adam and Eve lived at the beginning of creation, not billions of years afterwards like the theory of evolution teaches. This has major implications for the creation vs. evolution debate. In today’s world, young-earth creationists are mocked and seen as being idiotic. However, for the Christian, Jesus believing in a young earth is important. If Jesus believed in such things, then shouldn’t Christians? Continue reading


Jesus and Creationism – Part 1

Jesus and Creationism. What do you think about this subject? The creation vs. evolution debate is one of the most heated topics in the world today. Did God create us instantly, or did we randomly evolve with no need for God? Most people throughout the world believe in some sort of deity, yet they still believe in evolution. In fact, many believe that God used evolution to create us. However, there is a movement within Christianity that holds to a literal view of the first chapters of Genesis. This movement is called young-earth creationism. Continue reading