Bad Arguments that are used against a Muslim Antichrist

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There are some arguments that I see used against the belief in a Muslim Antichrist that are just plain bad. First, I have heard people say that it is hateful or even racist to say that a Muslim will be the Antichrist. Second, that people only believe that the Antichrist will be Muslim because of the current issues dealing with terrorism. The argument is that Christians think the man of lawlessness will be Muslim because Islam is today’s boogeyman.

Hatred and Racism

This is an argument that I hear now and then. If someone believes that the Antichrist will come from the Middle East and be a Muslim, then that person is hateful or even racist. By saying that the Antichrist will come from Islam, you are saying that all Muslims are evil. There are so many problems with this argument it is not even funny.

The simple fact is that the Antichrist must come from somewhere. Would it be hateful and racist to say that the Antichrist will come from Europe or America? Of course not. Most people consider Hitler evil, but that does not mean that I or anybody else thinks that all Germans were/are like him. Just because I think the Antichrist will be Middle Eastern does not mean that I think all people from that region would follow him. Nor does it mean that I hate Middle Easterners. I want everyone to repent of their sins and be saved. I want everyone to live on the New Earth.

The current enemy

This is another argument leveled at those who believe in a Muslim Antichrist. Many think that this belief is only a reaction to the September 11th attacks or any of the other major current events. Perhaps some people are like this, but not everybody. I know I’m not. In my opinion, a Middle Eastern origin for the Antichrist best fits all the major passages about the Antichrist including, but not limited to, Daniel 2 and 7, Revelation 13 and 17, and Ezekiel 38-39 (see also here). There is also good reason to conclude this from Daniel 8, 9, and 11 all of which are usually considered to be about Greece or Rome.

In any case, I believe that a Muslim Antichrist fits the context of all of these passages much better than a Roman, Greek, or even an American Antichrist.

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