A Donald Trump Victory will not stop the Liberal Agenda

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This November Americans will once again go to the voting booth to decide who the next president of the United States will be. It is very apparent that this election is going to be one of the most important in our nation’s history. On the liberal side, we have Hillary Clinton, who if elected, will continue with the destructive policies of Barack Obama. His presidency is easily one of the most destructive to exist. And thankfully many Americans are waking up to that. In the conservative corner, we have Donald Trump. It is clear that the conservatives who have chosen Trump did so as a reaction towards the status quo that exists not only in the Democratic Party but among the Republicans as well. Trump is the anti-Obama.

Between Trump and Clinton, I do believe that Trump is the better choice (that should be obvious). Of course, this does not mean that I agree with everything that Trump does or says. I just believe that he would be much better for free speech, religious freedoms, economic policy, and other things.

However, even so, I do not believe that a conservative victory will save America from the clutches of secularization, socialism, and liberalism. Yes, Trump may appoint conservatives to the Supreme Court, but in the end, however, I think that a Trump win will only slow down the cultural victory for liberals. Why?

It takes more than a president or government policies to change a culture. Yes, they can have an impact, but there are other things that liberals have control of that are much more important. Take education. Liberalism and secularism dominate in the schools, whether we are talking about primary, secondary, or collegiate levels. A conservative president is not going to change the hearts of thousands of teachers who have been educated in universities that teach Marxism.

Secondly, we have mass media and entertainment. It doesn’t take much to know that a majority of our news sources, whether CNN or the Huffington Post, push the liberal agenda. Just go the Huffington Post’s site and it doesn’t take long to see all the anti-Christian propaganda they produce and promote. Hollywood and even video games push liberalism.  

The fact is that American youth (and many adults) spend a majority of their time within or connected to one of the above. In addition, has anyone else noticed just how angry and perverted people are today (think about how much money the porn industry makes)? The amount of profanity that is used today is insane. Don’t believe me? Just read the comment section of almost any Youtube video (in addition to watching any video that today’s youth are “into” and you’ll see what I mean). Most people have a hard time saying one sentence without using some kind of curse word. And of course they do not care. This shows just how far-gone Christians ethics and values are. 

Even if one goes to a Bible-believing church, it is still impossible to stay away from the endless amount of liberal ideas since a person is subjected to it five days a week at school and every day through media and entertainment. One day a week of attending church is unlikely to be enough to counter that since most parents have delegated their responsibilities to the TV set, video games, and schools. Sadly, most churches are doing a terrible job at educating Christians against worldly values.   

Just take a look at the following headlines:

“Lesbian Lawmaker Says Churches, Schools Threat to Children, Not Transgenders in Restrooms”

“Obama Admin Demands Schools Nationwide Allow Boys in Girls’ Restrooms or Lose Funding”

“California Bill Stirs Concerns That Christian Schools Could Be Banned From Living Out Convictions”

(You can read this article for more of the same.)

We live in a culture that hates Christianity, so a presidential election alone will not make everything better. How then can Christians fight this? The answer is simple. The only way for Christians to turn things around is to return to God. This needs to start in our immediate and church families. We have to start understanding Christian doctrine correctly and be good apologists (defenders of the faith). We need to do this even if it means ridicule or even physical attacks. Yes, I believe that hard (physical) persecution is coming to a street near you. If people are going to shoot at cops, like in Dallas, then they will not hesitate to shoot Christians. It is only a matter of time before this begins. It is time to wake up.

To conclude, I am not saying “do not vote, it does not matter.” My point is that it is going to take more than Donald Trump or any kind of conservative presidential victory to get this country and world onto the straight path. 

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3 thoughts on “A Donald Trump Victory will not stop the Liberal Agenda

    1. Timothy Johnston

      Jim, you asked a very good question. And now that Mr Trump is on the path to the oval office, the short ansmer is pray that God will give him wisdom. Even many well intentioned Christians and otherwise Godly and religious people seem to want to control the culture, the mind sets, the businesses, and lifestyles of everyone else around them. Possibly the old phrase ” mind your own business” would go a long way, another old adage ” live and let live” meets the need of the hour as well. If we are going to stay true to the constitutional principle of pluralism where anyone and everyone is free to live out their own beliefs “underGod” then we are going to have to stop the legislation of definition and redefinition not only of marrige but a whole host of other moral issues. And allow the free expression of even the ungodly ideologies. This does not mean we cease to be a christian nation or cease to allow the preaching and propagation of religious ideas. It does mean however that every individual be assured they have the right to express a view, condemn a view they cannot in good conscience accept and practice their belief without infringment by any force of law. We may need to rethink our discrimination policies. In other words repeal the laws that do not allow discrimination. An athiest might need to not serve, a christian if it violates his conscience to support what he honestly believes to be a grand lie. Or if a muslim considers some one an infidel let him not serve him in his privately owned establishment. However if he or she believes its their God given right to kill the infidel, they need to go through the naturalization process and recieve a better education to our American ways.
      Last night I visited a church where I had served as a minister many times. They were observing the Lord’s supper, and nothing else, no preaching no singing etc. The pastor approached very apologetically, and informed me of this. They still have the policy of closed communion, and I realized I was really not welcome to partake, not being a current member, in their view of things. Respectfully I left. I belive if we all showed a better respect for those who are not the same ideologically we would soon find spiritual healing to take place among us. On the other hand if an individual thinks he has the right to “force” by rule of law his or her beliefs on anyone else we all need to reaffirm that that is not the case in this country because of the first amendment. Persuasion yes, coersion no.


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