Is Christianity Child Abuse?

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I’m sure most people have heard of or even watched the recent video put out by a feminist group that has little girls dropping the “f-bomb” for equal rights. This video is disgusting in my opinion. Not only was I shocked by it, but I was reminded of a topic that occasionally comes up from time to time – the assertion that Christianity is a form child abuse. Is this correct? Is Christianity child abuse?

Richard Dawkins, perhaps the world’s most famous atheist, has come out before saying that teaching children to accept their families’ religious beliefs is child abuse. In fact, he considers this form of “child abuse” to be more devastatingly and permanently harmful than sexual abuse. Another atheist, Lawrence Krauss, who is a professor of physics at Arizona State University, believes that teaching a child young-earth creationism is a form of “child abuse.”

Yet, interestingly, while skeptics accuse Christians of child abuse they themselves are doing or accepting things that many others would consider child abuse. The University of California in San Francesco is now offering a free online abortion class, Dawkins believes that “mild pedophilia” is ok and that it does not have any kind of “lasting harm” on a child, and Peter Singer, professor at Princeton University, believes that we should extend abortions to babies outside the womb.

Typically the same people also think that the Bible condones slavery or that God is a sexist (among many other things which I strongly disagree with). I personally find this amazing. Most of these critics (although not all of them) are atheist or follow some kind of humanistic religion. In their belief system everything in the universe is nothing but random chance and has no meaning. They also believe that there are no absolute morals in life.

How can Dawkins and others claim that Christianity is child abuse when they believe in relative morality? Atheism, for example, requires Darwinian evolution to explain the world. Yet, evolution teaches us that the world is a brutal place by nature (in contrast to Scripture which teaches that God originally created the world perfect and that everything fell apart because of sin). An atheistic world is controlled by “survival of the fittest.” This requires cruelty. These people complain that teaching Christianity (or other religions) is child abuse, but their own religion teaches that murder and rape are just parts of the natural world.

How can they condone “mild pedophilia,” and push abortion so hard and condemn Christianity on accounts of child abuse? Under an atheistic worldview there is no God to punish anyone, so why would child abuse be wrong? My opinion is that they use the phrase “child abuse” simply because of emotionalism. It is like playing the “race card” in politics. Call someone racist and people will turn on them. Call someone (or an entire religion) a child abuser and many will automatically throw a fit. It is simply a way for them to get attention and put religion (especially Christianity) under a bad spotlight. Why not? There is no God to punish them according to their beliefs.

What do you think? Do you believe that Christianity is child abuse? If so, what do you think about the video with little girls swearing or the other issues that I brought up? Leave a comment below or on our Facebook site.

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