Is God an Alien?

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Science Fiction is one of the most, if not the most, popular genre of entertainment today. We live in a technological world that contains a whole host of gadgets – from video games to cell phones, cars, and of course, rockets and spaceships. All of this, combined with the common belief of Darwinian evolution, has led many people to accept a materialistic view of the world – one that does not include anything besides what we can see with our own eyes (hence no supernatural beings; but one that will include an alien).

Because of this, there is a growing number of people throughout the world who believe that aliens have visited the earth. This is the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH). Those who follow it believe that aliens visited mankind in the distant past and are still doing so today. It is believed that since mankind was not intelligent enough to build structures like the pyramids, then ancient ETs must have done so. Aliens are also said to have given mankind intelligence (helping us evolve), or even flat-out created us.

Why do some people believe that aliens may have created us? Simply, life on earth is very complex. The most basic organism on the planet is more complex than the stars. Even scientists such as Francis Crick, the co-founder of DNA, and Richard Dawkins, have come to the conclusion that it may have been extraterrestrials who created mankind.[1]

I have even heard before that God may even be an ET. Could this be? Could the God of the Bible, the one who created Adam and Eve, sent the Great Flood, destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, who spoke to Moses in the burning bush, and the author of the Ten Commandments, really just be an alien from another planet? Let’s take a look.

The Bible versus the ETH

There are some problems that appear when one compares the God of the Bible to extraterrestrials. First off, the God of the Bible created the universe and everything in it (Genesis 1:1). Aliens are beings from other planets that have (if the theory of evolution is true) evolved by random chance over millions of years within the universe and after it began. Yet, the God of the Bible created the universe, and all that is in it. This also means that he is outside of creation. He is separate from it. An evolved creature from another planet, no matter how advanced, is still part of the universe and could never be its creator.

Second, God is spirit (John 4:24). By definition, extraterrestrials are physical beings that, as I already noted, evolved over a long period. They are not spirits.

Third, numerous passages teach that God has no beginning or end (Deuteronomy 32:40; Psalms 33:11; 93:2; 102:24, 27; 145:13; 146:10). How can a physical, evolved being have no beginning or end?

The idea that aliens created us creates another problem. If we are so complex to require a creator, then wouldn’t the aliens require one as well? They would also need to be created since they would also be complex. Another problem deals with the idea that aliens are travelling long distances through space. I have discussed this elsewhere so I won’t spend any more time on it here.


To put it simply, the God of the Bible is not an alien. He is something completely different. The only reason someone would believe that he is from another planet is because of a materialistic worldview. The Bible has no authority in their life, so human reason becomes the judge. The God of Judeo-Christianity is not an extraterrestrial. To make him ET is to make him the complete opposite of the Lord God.

[1] F.H.C. Crick and L.E. Orgel, “Directed Panspermia,” Icarus 19 (1973): 341-346. Expelled, DVD, directed by Nathan Frankowski (Premise Media, 2008).

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