There is something good about the same-sex marriage ruling

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Most Christians are concerned with the ruling of the Supreme Court concerning same-sex marriage. I believe it is very probable that persecution will come whether it is in the form of losing our businesses, our homes, our jobs, being mocked or called names, and even physical beatings. Much of this is already taking place throughout the country. Christian Churches and schools will eventually lose tax-exemptions and will be forced to close unless they accept homosexuality.

Even with all of this happening I think that Christianity in America will benefit. It will expose those people in the Church who are not true Christians. I have already noticed this on Facebook. Many people whom I thought were Christian are showing their true colors (using the rainbow which was used as a promise by God to never send another flood to destroy all life). There are some churches that are showing their support for same-sex marriage and personally I believe this shows that they are not true Christians at all. At least I know where to stay away from on Sundays.

I believe the coming persecution will make true Christians stronger in their faith. I was reminded about Acts 5:41 when the apostles were persecuted for believing in Jesus. After they were released, they left “rejoicing because they had been counted worthy of suffering disgrace for the Name [Jesus].” They viewed persecution as a blessing. How many American Christians could do that? I believe that we are getting ready to find out. Referring to the growth of wickedness and persecution Jesus said that “he who stands firm to the end will be saved.”

The fact is that many Christians throughout history have faced incredible persecution. Even right now as I type this Christians are facing horrible times under the reign of terror that is ISIS. Christians in America need to be strong and continue standing up for what is right. That is what we are called to do. Our reward will be greater than anything you could ever imagine.


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One thought on “There is something good about the same-sex marriage ruling

  1. Timothy Johnston

    Yes, I’m thinking this article and Jesus are right, the persecutions for christians will get worse and worse till the end. I say this as a professing christian who is fine with a legal doctrine of consenting adults that allows ungodly individuals to behave without any sexual restraints other than “no force”. And allows me to associate or disassociate freely with those “ungodly ” individuals. It also allows a brand of christianity scripture tells us Jesus hates. Those who practice the doctrine of the nicolatians, who believed in all things common including wives, or what modern practioners call the key club, they apparently swap house keys thereby consenting to wife swaping. But under the first amendment I don’t have to participate in that either if I had a wife. Kinda nice being free!!! I have no problem repealing the laws against polygamy either except I pity the strain that would put on the divorce lawyers. On second thought bring it on they deserve what they get. And finally it allows for those Godly folks that have trusted Jesus and believe themselves to be free from the law oh happy condition. Those bullit proof sinners armed in the righteous of Jesus who believe they can literally do no wrong, and that they are eternally secure even if they hate their neighbors, envy their wives and other stuff, lie to them, steal from them, or even murder them basically anything but blaspheme against the Holy Spirit which would be to trust anything other than the blood of Jesus for the propitiation of sin. Its really hard to grasp that we are all ungodly sinners without hope if all we have is a moral code to make or break us. And seems that its even harder to believe Jesus showed us the only way out of this mess by offering his perfect life to buy our forgiveness.


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